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Underwater Photographs * updated 2023 *
Diving in the Red Sea, in the Indian Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea: Dive Sites and a lot of underwater photographs of Mantas, Eagle Rays, Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles and a lot of fishes in marvelous coral reefs

Works of art made of fine textiles
In her studio, Cristina Nezel creates handmade design objects such as vases made of textiles

Chemistry Alumni of ETH-Zürich
The web page of the class year 1996/97, chemists and chemical engineers

Alumni grammar school Bühl
The G7e class year 1988: Class reunion

Electrochemical Gas Sensors
Sensors for OEMs: Developed and produced in Switzerland

GLP Siggenthal
The Green Liberal Party in Siggenthal

Interest group for settlement-compatible mobility in Siggenthal

Publications of T. Nezel
Publications in the field of optical gas sensors and other chemical gas sensors

LabView free VIs
A collection of LabVIEW™ VIs. The most program codes perform a general function which might be useful in many applications. And they are all for free.

Dynamic dance group
Czech / Slovak dance group Folklor 75: Classy, happy and moving dance performances in original costumes with live music

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